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Financial Inclusion

Our research looks at deprived communities and groups suffering from financial exclusion, helping us to pilot new ways to deliver financial inclusion services and share lessons learnt from some of the innovative projects we have been involved in.

Recent Projects

Problem gambling in Birmingham - A Rapid Assessment Report

This is a rapid assessment report on the issue of problem gambling in Birmingham based on a review of available evidence.

May 2018

Cheques and Balances

An investigation into the use of cheque cashing services in the UK.

July 2017

Or read the Executive Summary here.

Savings for the Future - Solving the puzzle for low income households

A new report published today by the Financial Health Exchange, within Toynbee Hall, supported by J.P. Morgan, finds that low income households employ various informal financial savings techniques that help them to be more financially resilient.

March 2017

Savings for the future


An extra 7 years before I’m debt free: The effect of the poverty premium on debt advice service users

This primary research aims to quantify some major types of poverty premium. Our quantitative data suggests that some groups are more likely to pay a poverty premium.

December 2016


The poverty premium in Tower Hamlets

A Toynbee Hall report details how the 'Poverty Premium' is making the most deprived communities throughout the UK even poorer.

May 2014

The Poverty Premium in Tower Hamlets


Our National Services Team conducts various research projects on financial inclusion. To read more please see Financial Health Exchange website