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Deesha English classes

We have moved. Our new address is: Toynbee Hall, The Community Centre, 52 Old Castle Street, London, E1 7AJ

Deesha Graduation

If you are aged 16 or over and you would like to improve your spoken and written English, Toynbee Hall can help.

We run free English classes for women on Mondays to Friday during term time and classes for men on Tuesdays. If you are unable to attend during the week, Saturday classes are also available.


Why we run English classes

Being able to speak, read and write English are vital skills for people living in the UK. Understanding and speaking English:

  • Boosts your chance of finding employment
  • Allows you to communicate effectively with other people
  • Makes many other things easier – from using public transport or going shopping, to opening a bank account or paying your bills and internet safety.

What our classes do

At Toynbee Hall we run simple English classes that give men and women the chance to start practising their spoken and written English in a supportive environment. Our aim is to improve your confidence and help you get on.

All courses are accredited through Open College Network (OCN) from Entry 1 to Level 2 enabling the majority of our learners to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. Pre-entry students are welcome to attend classes.

In addition to ESOL classes, we also run accredited numeracy classes delivered at various school venues.

For more information about Deesha please read our brochure for this year's classes.

How you can get involved

If you would like to enrol for a course, please email or drop in to our reception. You’ll find us at The Community Centre, 52 Old Castle Street, London, E1 7AJ. We have Bengali speaking staff available.

If you are unable to attend, please call the Deesha team on 07432082014 or 020 7392 2922.