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Abuse of adults can take many forms – and it can happen to anyone. 

Older person's hands

Irene lives independently and manages her own finances. Lately, her son has been helping her with shopping and other errands. She’s noticed that the change he gives her often isn’t correct and her bank balance isn’t always as it should be.

Jack is a psychiatric outpatient living in the community. He manages his life well, but sometimes needs support getting out and about. Marty, one of his neighbours, has befriended him and helps him get his shopping. Recently, Marty has been bringing friends over to Jack’s flat without his permission and staying until the early hours of the morning, drinking and taking drugs.

The Dignify Project

The Dignify project at Toynbee Hall is working to reduce abuse of adults at risk by:

  • Raising awareness of abuse with groups who may be particularly at risk: older people, mental health service users, adults with a learning disability.
  • Raising awareness of abuse amongst the professionals who work with adults at risk
  • Providing training for professionals in other organisations in how to discuss safeguarding issues with adults at risk using clear, accessible language
  • Running creative workshops for adults at risk to help in raising self-esteem and self-worth, which contributes to decreasing vulnerability and makes individuals more likely to seek support when it is required

It is hoped that by raising awareness of how to maintain healthy relationships directly with groups at risk, abuse can be spotted more quickly and, ultimately, prevented.

What can Dignify do for you?

Dignify runs creative workshops and discussion sessions for groups who may be considered at risk, including: older people, mental health service users and adults with a learning disability. We visit day centres, sheltered schemes, peer-led groups and community centres to run sessions.

If you work with a group who may benefit from discussing safeguarding issues and would like to book a workshop or session, please contact Simon Etter on or call 0787 260 7969.

Dignify’s training and consultancy work

If your organisation works with older people and you want to tackle the problem of elder abuse, Dignify can help. To find out about our staff training sessions please call 0787 260 7969 or email