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Regular reviews of Toynbee Hall's projects are an important part of our practice. We use these reviews to inform project delivery and stay transparent and accountable for our service users, staff, funders and the public.

Senior Money Mentors - Final Report

An evaluation of our one-year peer-to-peer financial information sharing pilot project aimed at older people (aged 55 or above and in retirement)

February 2018

2016/17 Make it! Evaluation Report

An evaluation of our flagship youth project, Make it!.

November 2017

Make it! Evaluation Report 2016/17


An Interim Evaluation of Senior Money Mentors

This documents contains the interim findings of two reports about Toynbee Hall’s Senior Money Mentors project. The first report was produced by Toynbee Hall to summarise and communicate what we have learnt so far about financial education and older people. The second report in this document was commissioned by Toynbee Hall and produced by The University of Salford’s Community Finance Solutions department and examines the project in more-depth.

October 2017


An independent evaluation of the Community Money Mentors programme Year 1

An independent evaluation report by the University of Salford evaluates Year 1 of Toynbee Hall’s Community Money Mentors programme which aims to  improviefinancial management skills, confidence and wellbeing of people across London.

December 2016

Community Money Mentors Year 1 Evaluation report


The Money Mentors Programme

The Money Mentors programme has increased financial capability and financial inclusion in Tower Hamlets; generating a Social Return on Investment of £3 for every £1 invested.

January 2015

Money Mentors


Consultation to inform service development 

This consultation exercise helps inform Toynbee Hall about the range of services and activities desired by the local community once the redevelopment of our existing site is complete. Researchers spoke to a range of service users through surveys and group discussions. The results of the consultation exercise clearly evidence a need for the services currently provided by Toynbee Hall and for the enhanced services/facilities the redevelopment will bring.

December 2014

Presentation of findings


The results of NPC's well-being measure

An NPC report detailing the results of the Well-Being Measure, used by Toynbee Hall in the Aspire project to survey the young people involved and demonstrate their well-being.

June 2013

Aspire project 2012-13 follow up


Archives Learning and Development Project

A report on the activity and future prospects of the Archive Learning and Development Project at Toynbee Hall, which aims to make Toynbee Hall's history and heritage more accessible through the publication of material from its archives.

March 2013

ALDO HLF Project Report


Independent Evaluation of the Safe Exit Diversion Scheme

A report by Accendo analysing Toynbee Hall's Safe Exit Diversion Scheme, which looked to provide an alternative to appearing in court for women arrested for soliciting in Tower Hamlets. The report found that the scheme's independence and referral systems had resulted in fewer arrests and prison sentences, generally enaabling women to make positive changes in their lives.

April 2010

Independant Evaluation of Safe Exit


Supporting older people to live safe, healthy and dignified lives: Workshop participant feedback survey

A report sponsored by Comic Relief's Dignify, outlining the results of a series of workshops designed to raise awareness of safeguarding issues amongst older people and to promote discussion of the issues and challenges they face.

January 2010

Supporting older people