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2017 Savings and Debt Summit with CHASM and the Financial Health Exchange

Date: 15 Nov 2017 – 15 Nov 2017

Time: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Savings and Debt Challenges and Opportunities: drawing on the lived experience of low income savers

Centre on Household Assests and Savings Management (CHASM) and the Financial Health Exchange, part of Toynbee Hall is hosted the 2017 Savings and Debt Summit at The University of Birmingham on Wednesday 15th November.

This summit, following on from our successful Savings Summit in May 2016 will look at developing further the themes explored there, including:

  • failures of the market to recognise and support existing savings behaviour;
  • the challenges of developing savings when on lower income;
  • how a user-led approach might influence savings product design to maximise the benefit of every £1 saved;
  • considering the suitability and usefulness of creative solutions to support savings offered in the market at present (including innovations in FinTech and savings apps).

This event will however, also look to bring into the discussion the important issue of debt management in the context of financial resilience, exploring issues including :

  • what are current best practices in debt management; and
  • developing financial capability when in debt (in the context of the Standard Financial Statement)

The event will include input from a number of speakers, but significant time will be provided to exploring issues together.

Who should attend? – anyone interested in policy and practice issues in savings and debt management for those on lower incomes

This event will build on the CHASM ’Savings for all – A manifesto for an inclusive savings agenda report published in November 2016 and a report addressing related themes was produced by the Financial Health Exchange/Toynbee Hall in April 2017 entitled Savings for the Future: Solving the savings puzzle for low income households.

A briefing paper created for the previous Savings Summit outlining the issues discussed there can also still be accessed online here.

Invitations to the event will be available shortly or please indicate expressions of interest in attending to Helen Harris.

Available places are limited but we welcome expressions of interest.