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Financial Inclusion

Toynbee Hall is a leader in financial inclusion services. We have been working directly for over 15 years with people who have suffered from financial exclusion. These are people who have not been able to access basic financial services, like bank accounts, insurance or pensions.

Our work has highlighted the profound impact financial exclusion has on individuals and on their communities. Financial exclusion is not only damaging to the individual, it leads to wider social problems, including evictions, anti-social behaviour and crime.

We have seen, first-hand, the life-changing effect that building financial inclusion has on individuals, families and the wider community. We work with a range of partners to developinnovative projects and share best practice to move towards a systemic approach to tackling financial exclusion.

To find out more or to discuss our financial inclusion services, please contact Sian Williams via email

Increasing the parity of the pound

We believe that systemic financial inclusion can help mitigate the impact of welfare reform. Find out how