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Financially Inclusive Tower Hamlets

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The Financially Inclusive Tower Hamlets (FITH) project was started by Toynbee Hall and is jointly led by Toynbee Hall, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and other local organisations, with funding from the Big Lottery Fund. It is a collaborative, grass-roots approach to tackling the effects of financial exclusion on Tower Hamlets residents.

Our partners include voluntary sector organisations including the Bromley by Bow Centre, Limehouse Project, Quaker Social Action and London Community Credit Union, the social housing sector and companies including Lloyd’s Banking Group, Barclays and Allen & Overy LLP.

Financial exclusion reinforces poverty and disadvantage, impacting the lives of individuals, their families and the wider community. The FITH partnership is driving a pioneering systemic approach to promoting financial inclusion – looking not just at improving individuals’ financial capability through education and support, but also at building a financially inclusive environment that helps rather than hinders good financial choices and reduces the financial burden placed on consumers by companies’ business decisions and organisational policies and practice.

For more information about FITH, and to get involved, please email

Money Mentors

The Money Mentors initiative was launched in 2012 by Toynbee Hall in partnership with the Limehouse Project, the Bromley by Bow Centre and Quaker Social Action. It is a grass roots project, providing communities across the borough with a knowledgeable and trusted local person to help them gain control of their finances.

Research conducted by Toynbee Hall found that 47.3% of people in Tower Hamlets owe money, and of them 27.3% are behind in their repayments. Many have to borrow money to make ends meet, and 56% run out of money before pay day. Worrying about money and feeling out of control can cause massive stress and anxiety.

Money Mentor courses are designed for local residents to build their confidence in managing money, as well as leading to a nationally recognised qualification. 50 Money Mentors are soon to graduate from the first Money Mentor courses, and will be supported by a coach to share their knowledge and skills with their friends, family and wider community. Each year FITH aims to train an additional 150 Money Mentors.

Watch the video and find out how Money Mentors changes lives.

To find out how to sign up to a Money Mentors course please visit our Money Management page

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