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Heritage Activities

Revealing Social Reform, Renewing Social Action

Workers Education Association, 1903

The restoration of Toynbee Hall is much more than conservation. Revealing Social Reform, Renewing Social Action is a four year plan which will see Toynbee Hall’s heritage, and that of the East End, embedded in our community work.

We will showcase the landmark stories of reform and social action from Toynbee Hall and use them to inspire people who are facing similar hardships today, to find new solutions to social problems.

About the plan

Implementation of the Plan began in 2015 with our archive moving to London Metropolitan Archive and being digitised. Work on our archive is a precursor to four other themes of work:

1. Schools heritage programme

A series of workshops, summer schools and activities for Key Stages 3-4, and skills workshops for A-level students.

Start date: 2016

Fundraising requirement: £34,253

2. Sharing our heritage

Permanent exhibition space and an ongoing programme of oral histories, debates and bi-monthly talks accessed by the local community and international heritage visitors alike.

Start date: 2016

Fundraising requirement: £99,071

3. Residential volunteering

Reinstating our unique residential volunteering programme. Providing opportunities to live at Toynbee Hall and volunteer within the local community, following in the footsteps of Clement Attlee and William Beveridge.

Start date: 2017

Fundraising requirement: £27,094

4. English for Speakers of Other Languages

Creation and delivery of new teaching materials to inspire learners using the diverse heritage of the area and their own experiences of living in East London.

Start: 2017

Fundraising requirement: £24,692


Heritage Lottery Fund has funded 27% of the plan. Toynbee Hall is now fundraising for the remainder, which totals £185,111 between 2016 and 2019.

An excellent way to invest in our heritage activities is to join our Benefactor Scheme. To find out more or to make a donation, please contact the Development Team on / 020 7392 2949 or donate online.