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Jane, Youth Programme

Jane was referred to Toynbee Hall as she was withdrawn in school and had very low self-esteem. Although she has special educational needs she is also a young carer and supports her severely autistic younger brother. She was also being badly bullied at school and had started to self-harm.Graduation 2014

When Jane first joined our youth sessions she found it difficult to participate and she struggled to find her voice, often refusing to get involved in group activities.

We worked intensively with Jane to help her find her own voice. We built up her confidence through group based activities which helped her to feel included and appreciated.

Since being involved with our youth services, Jane has become much more open and has grown in confidence in all aspects of her life. Her mum has noticed a big change – she has been happier recently and has stopped self harming.

This year I’ve seen Jane become better at talking to me. I’ve seen changes in the way she is with the rest of our family in the last few months. Jane has been more trusting of my partner and has got to know him better, she wouldn’t have done that before but she seems more able and happy to do that now. She has told me that she really liked the Toynbee Hall project.”
Jane’s mum

Her teacher has also seen a really positive change in Jane over the year. He told us that before she wouldn’t take up opportunities that were offered to her, and wouldn’t express herself. Now she is opening up to teachers about what she likes and what she is good at, and they are getting to know her as an individual.

She has told me that she is into Korean films and learning Korean, I’ve been really impressed with her and how she has changed over the past few months. There are small things, silly things that I’ve noticed about her that I didn’t see often before, like her smiling.”
Jane’s teacher

*The names of all individuals have been changed to protect their identities.