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Meet Kieran

Toynbee Hall's 2015 London Marathon Runner

On April 26th, Kieran Anderson, 24, a trainee lawyer for international law firm, White & Case, will be running on behalf of Toynbee Hall in one of the biggest events in the sporting calendar, The London Marathon. Kieran is running the gruelling 26.5 mile course through the streets of London to raise money for our Free Legal Advice Centre.

Why have you chosen to take part in the London Marathon for Toynbee Hall?

The London Marathon is a great challenge, known throughout the world. To have the opportunity to take part in the name of Toynbee Hall is fantastic and hopefully I can raise a fair bit of money which can be put towards some of the great work Toynbee Hall does.

Kieran Anderson

Were you familiar with Toynbee Hall's current services when you signed up? For example, our Free Legal Advice Centre?

I first came across Toynbee Hall in an excellent article by John Bew in the New Statesman and thereby came to discover Toynbee's impressive history of providing legal and debt advice to those in need. It was not until a chance email dropped into my inbox at work offering a marathon place in sponsorship with Toynbee Hall that I fully realised the extent of the legal services offered. As a lawyer and admirer of the organisation's work, I simply had to sign up.

Have you ever run a Marathon before?
No I haven't! Am I daunted? Yes, a little, but I'll manage it. I am not entirely sure what to expect on the day, but I'm sure it will be good fun.

How is training going?
To begin with, it was tough. Fitting training in around my working hours hasn't been easy but it has been a good exercise in mental discipline and personal organisation. Physically speaking, hitting the streets day after day seemed to take a big toll on my legs initially. Over time, however, my body has adapted and now I'm feeling stronger and running for much longer, so hopefully I don't meet that 'wall' come the 20 mile mark!

What is your favourite thing about taking part in the Marathon?

The unknown element of it, when I hear 'April 26th' mentioned aloud I feel a combination of anxiety and excitement. I'm anxious to do well and excited to be taking on something new and different.

Do you have an estimated finish time?
I'm told that if you run your first marathon in under four hours then you've done well, so that's my goal. But I'd love to do it faster than that!

Have Toynbee Hall given you appropriate support and encouragement since you signed up?
Yes, they have - more than I could have expected. Vaishali - who, incidentally, has been very helpful in getting me organised for this whole affair - invited me to a training day and I learned a good deal about how to eat properly, training regimes and how to perform well on the day.

What is your fundraising target? 

I’d love to raise over the target of £1,700 – this could pay for the Free Legal Advice Centre to open for six nights. A few colleagues have dangled carrots in front of me in the form of big contributions should I finish the marathon in a particularly quick time and my friends and family have also been generous so far. The fundraising drive is still ongoing, however, and hopefully I'll meet my target.

How will you be celebrating after the Marathon?
That all depends on whether I have the energy to do so! My family will be down to watch me tear up the streets of London, so I hope they will do the decent thing and take me out for dinner.

Any final comments?

Wish me luck... and here is my JustGiving page if you’d like to contribute and help keep FLAC going!