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290 Money Mentors trained and in the community

Published: 5 Sep 2014


On Friday 5th September, 65 Money Mentors graduated and joined the ranks of those 290 who are already in the community and encouraging others to be more confident in managing their money.

Money Mentors, now in its second year, is a locally-focused project that works with Tower Hamlets residents to help build their confidence in managing money.  The programme provides structured training, leading to a nationally accredited qualification.

The 65 graduates, along with their friends, family and tutors were joined by Maura Farrelly, Community Resources Officer – Advice and Anti Poverty Directorate & Renewal for Tower Hamlets. Maura gave out the certificates and helped to celebrate the success of the Money Mentor course and the hard work of those graduating.

This intake of graduates is unique as this is the first time the project has worked directly with local Housing Associations, training their tenants, who will in turn work with their neighbours. By working with Housing Associations in this way we can broaden the reach of the project within the community and provide highly localised and specific support where there is the most need.

The graduation has been a brilliant day and marks the success of those who have taken the time and effort to undertake the 60 hours of required teaching and training.”
Gary Wells, Financially Inclusive Tower Hamlets Coordinator

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