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Published: 24 Oct 2014


The 'Great-TECH-SPEC-tations' event, which took place at the Osmani centre, was to inspire housing providers to use technology to support the financial health of its residents. The day consisted of a series of talks and discussions on how the use of technology can lead to the digital inclusion of residents and their improved personal finance. Access to online services can save tenants up to £560 per year through savings accounts, using comparison sites and online offers, so it is crucial that housing associations ensure tenants are not digitally excluded.

Throughout the talks and demonstrations, a range of interactive apps and digital services were explored and Louise Barker, co-founder of Bamzonia, showcased an interactive game that focuses on financial education. This was one of the many ways in which technology can improve financial wellbeing. A lively Q&A session followed where the audience raised their concerns about the use of technology to improve the personal financial health of their residents.

We wanted the event to showcase the opportunities that technology opens up in terms of financial health and supporting tenants.  Hopefully this will be the start for some of the housing providers to do something in their organisations”.
Lizzie Fletcher, Getting On With Money’s Housing Provider Coordinator

 The Getting on With Money campaign is made up of key partners from Toynbee Hall, Bromley By Bow Centre, Limehouse Project, Tower Hamlets Homes, Poplar HARCA and Tower Hamlets Council. The campaign hopes to implement a strategy to increase digital inclusion across the borough as part of the Financially Inclusive Tower Hamlets project (FITH). For more information, visit