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Celebrating the Success of Community Organisers

Published: 19 Mar 2015


Toynbee Hall's community organisers, Sanaz Begum and Ayesha Azad, feature in a film that showcases the success of the Community Organisers programme and its projects running across the UK.

Community Organisers is a grass-roots movement for social action. The project aims to educate people how as citizens they can influence government and how they can make a difference by being active in their communities.

The Mohilla Women’s Group featured in the film was started by Sanaz and Ayesha to raise the confidence of local women. Through knocking on doors and speaking to people in Tower Hamlets, they found that many local women had low confidence and almost no social life.

The group reached their first milestone by receiving police funding to organise a fun day that attracted more than 200 residents from the community. Now they have received funding to run ongoing health and beauty sessions by the community development foundation. Feedback so far shows that the confidence of the women has grown and the sessions are having a positive impact on their lives.  

These sessions are about giving these women a place to socialise and do something they care about. We supported them in both applications (fun day & health and beauty sessions), but they are the ones who wrote them and won funding.”
Sanaz Begum, Toynbee Hall Community Organiser

Sanaz and Ayesha have acheived a Level 2 and Level 3 award in Community Organising and graduated in October 2014.

Celebrate thier success by watching the Community Organisers film  

To find more about the programme and its impact, read the blog by Sanaz about becoming a Community Organiser