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In My Footsteps - Connecting local people with local heritage

Published: 7 Apr 2015


The In My Footsteps project, which was run in partnership with Toynbee Hall and Manifesta, connects local people with heritage, art, culture and is centred on personal identity.

The project gave older people from the Wellbeing Centre, the chance to plan a route and lead their own walking tours in the East End with a personal narrative, identifying some of the buildings and art that played an important part in their past. One participant was surprised to see that the soup kitchen he visited as a boy is still there today, while another discovered that the bookshop from her childhood remains open for business.

The walking routes created by the group then become available on the In My Footsteps app for others to follow and share their personal histories. The group also went to the Tate Britain to see some of the art on display from the east End which offered even more reminders of thier pasts.

Manifesta is an organisation that works with people young and old to deliver media, arts and cultural projects. Toynbee Hall and Manifesta are supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

What I loved about the project was that it was the first time I had really looked closely at the local area. It made you look at the sights you see every day and see them differently. It’s made me realise that change can be really exciting and it was a privilege to work with a young professional team.”
Mary, In My Footsteps participant

Find out more about In My Footsteps and download the app to follow the walking tours for yourself.