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Aspire goes to Jamie's Farm

Published: 28 Feb 2013


This half term we took a total of 39 young people to Jamie’s Farm in Wiltshire to learn about community living in a rural setting and learn about farm life!

5 of these young people were Inspire group members who spent the whole week on Jamie’s Farm. They very carefully planned the two days of Aspire taster visits acting as peer mentors to the Aspire young people. Inspire planned the welcome presentation, tour of the farm and organised farm activities to ensure that the visits were a huge success and lots of fun. They embraced their role and responsibility with enthusiasm and were amazing at making the Aspire young people, and volunteers, feel welcome and looked after.

34 Aspire young people attended the trips on Wednesday and Thursday of half term from 7 schools in Tower Hamlets. That’s over 50% of the current Aspire cohort! Less than 25% attended the taster visits last year which goes to show how our relationships with schools, families and young people continues to go from strength to strength! This is a great reflection of all the hard work our volunteers have put into creating strong connections with the young people on Aspire.

Many of the young people that attended these taster trips have never been on a “big train” before, or even been outside of London. The first comment when arriving at the farm is always about the smell! But by the end of the day this is a distance memory. With the tour including the opportunity to touch, hold, and see pigs, piglets, lambs, chickens, ducks, cows, calves, and horses the groups were overwhelmed with new experiences and getting to meet animals they have never been in contact with before. We were also lucky enough to watch a lamb and a calf being born during our time there, magical!

Aspire young people took part in lots of farm activities including gardening, sheep herding, cooking, and wood chopping! They also had time to soak up the beautiful views of the countryside on a special walk just before sunset. By the time we were ready to jump on a coach to the train station everyone was tired but smiling from ear to ear!

"It is so great here.I think I'm dreaming" Girl from Swanlea School

Jake from Jamie’s Farm said “it was also remarkable to see how many of them opened up in the course of just the few hours they were present on the Farm. Seeing them all striding through the fields at the end of the day with a beaming smile on their faces made the trip for me - and just think what they will be like by the end of a whole week!”

It looks like we are heading towards an amazing summer of residentials at Jamie’s Farm!

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