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Lifting the Curtain

Published: 29 Oct 2015


Local photographer Keith Greenough, showcased his latest work at a photo exhibition titled, Lifting the Curtain, which revisits areas of the East End surveyed by Charles Booth.

Lifting the Curtain was inspired by Booth’s view that East London ‘lay hidden behind a curtain on which were painted terrible pictures’. Keith revisited the areas of the East End that were prominent in Booth’s famous poverty survey in 1889 and arranged a series of photographs of modern day places juxtaposed with texts drawn from Booth’s survey.

The locations pictured are places Booth and his team would have visited and the texts describe what they witnessed. Booth had close links with Toynbee Hall and his research team were based here during the conduct of the survey.

Keith is keen supporter of Toynbee Hall and he had already personally raised over £1,100 by taking part in an Iron Man triathlon in Brazil with his wife, Glynne, both winning their respective categories.

In the spirit of Charles Booth’s philanthropy, Keith is generously donating the proceeds from the exhibition to Toynbee Hall to help us continue to build a future without poverty. Through Lifting the Curtain, Keith has raised over £2,600 through sales of his book, prints and donations from the exhibition. Everyone at Toynbee Hall would like to thank Keith and Glynne for their amazing support.

If you are interested in Keith’s work, please visit the Lifting the Curtain website.