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Welcome to the Financial Health Exchange

Published: 26 Nov 2015


The national services team at Toynbee Hall has a wealth of experience providing expert training and consultancy across the UK. This knowledge in financial inclusion was previously used to build Transact, a forum that brought people together to promote financial inclusion and capability. To continue to achieve our aim of improving the financial health of the UK, Transact has made way for the Financial Health Exchange.

The Financial Health Exchange is an online portal that will help organisations throughout the UK put financial health and inclusion at the heart of their work. It will help organisations to ensure that financial health good practice is followed in all of their work with clients and service users.

The portal contains a comprehensive library of resources and publications, the latest thinking and expert opinion, practical information, news and events. It is free to join and members have the opportunity to become part of a vibrant financial health community, sharing thought and opinion, ideas and insights.

Whether you already know us as Toynbee Hall or Transact or have just found us, I hope that this new one-stop shop will prove a valuable resource in your ambition to help people’s money work well for them and their communities.”
Sian Williams, Head of National Services at Toynbee Hall

Visit the Financial Health Exchange and find out more about the benefits of joining