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2015/16 - Our Impact in numbers

Published: 4 Jul 2016


Each year, we assess the impact of our services and measure the numbers of people our services have helped. In 2015/16, we ran a total 18 projects, ranging from Deesha, helping local women to learn English, to Make it! focused on improving the wellbeing of young people to the Financial Health Exchange, a national project committed to creating a fairer more financially healthy society.

Our annual Impact Review highlights the outcomes of the work we've delivered and how our projects and services are helping us to achieve our aim of helping people to tackle poverty. To see the impact and extent of our work in full, please read the 2016 Toynbee Hall Impact Review.

Here are some of the numbers from that show our impact:

5,629 - The number of people that came to us for advice. From the Free Legal Advice Centre to Debt and Macmillan benefits advice service, our advice is a source of help in times of crisis.

711 - The number of cancer patients we helped to claim over £2million in benefit entitlements through the Macmillan benefits advice service.

845 - The number of conversations held with local individuals by our Community Organisers in Tower Hamlets, extending the reach and impact of our services and engaging harder to reach groups.

20,423 - The number of people who used the Capitalise debt advice partnership across London. We are proud to lead Capitalise, a London-wide partnership of debt advice providers.

239 - The number of women enrolled on our Deesha ESOL project. 82% of which now consider themselves as confident, in comparison to just 26% at the beginning of the project.

439 - The number of members to the new Financial Health Exchange, an online portal created to help organisations improve the financial health of people across the UK.

Read the new 2016 Impact Review to see the full extend of our impact