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Make it! visits Twitter UK to launch anti-bullying campaign

Published: 21 Oct 2016


Young people from the Make it! project visited Twitter’s London Office on Wednesday 19th October to learn how to make a successful twitter campaign that tackles online bullying.

The Anti-bullying alliance partnered with Twitter to deliver a creative workshop to groups from The Fire Cadets, The Diana Award, West Berkshire Council, Victim Support, Young NCB and Toynbee Hall.

During the workshop, the young people discussed ideas for a campaign around the hashtag #powerforgood which they then presented to the other groups. Some of the ideas presented included; making the internet a nicer place by tweeting a compliment, using the last of your phone battery to send a nice text, random acts of kindness challenges and videos from well-known vloggers supporting the cause.

Ant-Bullying day at Twitter's offices

As part of the day, the young people from Make it! took control of the Toynbee Hall twitter account, to live tweet what was happening during the workshop. Here are some of the tweets they send out throughout the day:

@twitter toynbee youth is at your office for @ABAonline your space is too fancy for us!! We love the food :)

We're learning about #powerforgood gonna come up with an #anti-bullying campaign

Just learnt a new word #upstander one who stands up for someone else or looks after someone who was bullied

#powerforgood lets beat anti-bullying spread the hashtags out and WE CAN END THIS!

Make it!, Toynbee Hall's flagship youth project, is an in-school mentoring project for 12-13 year olds which aims to increase young people's confidence and communication skills helping them to combat social isolation and increase their engagement with school.

How Make it! is cultivating critical thought.

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