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Toynbee Hall Heritage joins new ground-breaking museum learning partnership

Published: 2 Feb 2017


Toynbee Hall Heritage Team are pleased to be working in partnership with the ground-breaking Happy Museum (HM) as one of the first members of its Affiliate Scheme. The Scheme is a new peer learning network forming part of the wider HM programme, funded by Arts Council England’s Museum Resilience fund and supported by People United

 The Happy Museum Project looks at how the museum sector can respond to the challenge of creating a more sustainable future and providing a leadership framework for museums to develop a holistic approach to  wellbeing and sustainability.  The project re-imagines the museum’s purpose as steward of people, place and planet, supporting institutional and community wellbeing and resilience in the face of global challenges.

The fifteen new Affiliates will connect with and contribute to the development of HM thinking and practice which puts societal wellbeing at its heart. They will form part of a supportive and collaborative peer network to explore the role of museums and culture in addressing the big issues – such as climate change and social justice.

 Eleanor Sier, the Toynbee Hall Heritage Learning and Participation Manager, said “I am proud to be part of this and looking forward to working with the other affiliates.”

Toynbee Hall also congratulates the other first round Affiliates including major partner museums (Leeds Museums and Oxford University Museums); independent museums (Design Museum, People’s History Museum, Seven Stories); local authority and NHS Trust museums (Reading, The Atkinson, Abergavenny Museum, Mental Health Museum); museums in development (Museum of Homelessness) as well as a digital museum agency Culture 24, National Trust Midlands, Encounters Arts -Museum of Now and Chester Zoo.

To find out more about the project click here