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Guardian Article Clarification

Published: 3 Aug 2018


The Guardian published an article online on August 2nd on access to justice quoting a think-piece developed by a volunteer here at Toynbee Hall. The think-piece itself was unfortunately circulated externally in error, and is not the official view of Toynbee Hall, which the Guardian piece makes clear. Because we are still considering the contents of the think piece internally it is not available yet for publication. We are very pleased to encourage our staff and volunteers to join and stimulate discussion on access to justice and other issues based on their experience, but need to ensure it is always clear what is and what is not our official view.

In the autumn we will be celebrating the 120th anniversary of our Free Legal Advice Centre, so we intend to create wider debate about justice and other issues over the coming months including through events, think pieces and other activities. We are also actively looking for local, East London ‘influencers’ who want to talk and write about their views on what needs to change for them to be able to break down the barriers that keep significant parts of our community in poverty. This is exciting stuff, and we will publish more details as these ideas develop.

In the meantime, we’ll keep generating ideas and doing our best to use the learning from the real, lived experience from within communities to make change.