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Delivering on debt

Published: 30 Jan 2013


Toynbee Hall is a lead partner of the Capitalise Partnership, which is funded by the Money Advice Service (MAS), and delivers crucial debt advice across London.

In April 2012, MAS introduced changes to the way debt advice is offered across England and Wales, and have now published an independent evaluation of the new services.  Over 50,000 more people have received advice this year compared to the previous one, and the evaluation found that: 

  •          9/10 clients have taken action following their advice
  •          92% of clients are satisfied with the advice they receive.
  •          80% feel less stressed/anxious about their situation
  •          Almost 80% say they have started to reduce their debt as a result
  •          7/10 no longer have creditors chasing them
  •          81% are not as worried about answering the phone/door
  •          87% are more likely to open their post.

For the full report click  here.  

This evaluation is of particular significance to service providers and to Toynbee Hall. It highlights how our debt advice team has managed to adapt to the changes introduced by the MAS since April 2012 after it took over funding from the government. One of our project managers says:

“We have increased access to debt advice through introducing more drop-in sessions, extending our hours, and setting up new outreach sessions. Clients also have access to specialist advice on the day they call, rather than waiting for an appointment. We have put in place more collaborative working with partner agencies and other services within Toynbee Hall to provide more specialist support to clients.”

The current squeeze on living standards is causing more and more people to seek help with financial problems - this report shows that good quality debt advice can really make a difference. With the support of our 17 partner organisations (Capitalise Partnership), we have helped 17,000 people with their debt problems. If you need help get in touch with our team