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Maximising income and minimising the impact of welfare reform

Published: 3 Jul 2013


Changes to benefit entitlement and extra charges through the Bedroom Tax and changes to Council Tax have left many tenants at risk of rent arrears and eviction. Through working in partnership with Newlon Fusion, Toynbee Hall advisors have worked with tenants to ensure they are receiving their full benefit entitlement and that they are supported through their change of circumstances.

The advice offered to tenants has already proved invaluable. One client of the service, who was referred by his Housing Officer, has since received an additional £70 through an application to increase his benefits and was also supported through a successful Employment Support Allowance appeal.

Access to confidential and comprehensive advice around changes to welfare benefits is essential for many families concerned about the future. If you would like to discuss how Toynbee Hall can support you, please contact Dolly Galvis on