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Aspire connects with the corporate world

Published: 20 Nov 2013


Last week, Aspire headed to the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) offices for the first workshop of this academic year "Connect" and enjoyed some great insights into corporate life. From 12th - 14th November, students from Oakland, Swanlea, Mulberry and Central Foundation schools gathered at the RBS Aldgate Union and Bishopsgate offices.

For one whole morning, some of the staff at RBS took time out of their busy schedules to talk to students about how they worked their way to the top.

Youth Services manager, Amira said: “Fran was a great role model for Aspire students from the Girls’ schools, what an amazing career!”

The offices were shared by two Tower Hamlets schools at a time, creating a perfect opportunity for students to make new friends in an exciting environment outside of school. The series of fun, inspirational activities continued as everyone discussed their connections to each other and to the city.

Aspire students then participated in a warm up game: in groups, they negotiated between themselves what their perfect worlds would be like, and painted their ideas using colourful and bright colours. What came out is that they want to end poverty and make sure there is enough money for everyone – as well as having their very own log flume! 

Aspire trip to RBS

One of the RBS staff said: “Aspire is breaking down barriers, well done to all! We look forward to seeing how the Aspire programme develops and encourages these fabulous students.”

We would like to thank RBS,all the speakers and volunteers who helped creating this wonderful opportunity for Aspire students.

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