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“Treat”mas appeal launched today!

Published: 2 Dec 2013


With the arrival of the festive season, we are all looking forward to treating ourselves, our families and friends... and indulge a little. It’s easy to forget that the winter months bring additional worries and pressures for people who are already dealing with difficult situations. People who come to Toynbee Hall for help may be dealing with legal issues, serious debt problems, isolation or have limited budgets. For families living in poverty, this time of the year is about coping not necessarily a time for happiness and celebration. Here in Tower Hamlets, Toynbee Hall is often the only place people can turn to for advice and support. Last winter, nearly 4,000 people came to Toynbee Hall looking for help and support. And we have already seen an increase in demand. But in this difficult climate, the services we offer are becoming increasingly reliant on your donations.  

Could you change someone’s Christmas by donating to Toynbee Hall?

 By donating to our “Treat”mas appeal you are making sure that we are here to relieve someone of their problems – not just for a day, but for this winter-and beyond!

If you are treating yourself this Christmas, please consider how that money could positively affect a life in Tower Hamlets. With just £10, you could support someone to access legal advice from a qualified solicitor or barrister. Please give generously, your donations will have a direct impact in the local community. Read about how your support makes a difference.



Other ways you can help



There are many different ways you can help us raise money and spread the word about our “Treat”mas appeal!

Fundraise for us

From organising a bake sale at work to collecting money for us, you can make a difference to the community by fundraising for us. See other ideas.


Get involved online


For the next 12 days we will be sharing issues faced by local people who use our services and stories via our social media channels. Please retweet our posts via Twitter (@ToynbeeHall) using the hashtag #Treatmas and share our stories with your friends on Facebook. If you are fundraising for us, please share your selfies with us! This will really help raise our profile, generate more donations and perhaps help someone who’s never used our services before but really needs help this year.Every tweet, follow and mention counts, and it will help us raise funds to fight against poverty this winter.

 Thank you.