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Aspire at the Tower of London

Published: 11 Dec 2013


Last week, Aspire set off on an adventure to discover the secrets of the Tower of London. This visit was part of the Express! term, which encourages young people to communicate their ideas.

For one whole morning, Aspire students enjoyed activities focusing on expressing themselves. First, they learnt about the reigns of tyrant kings, who inflicted terrible consequences on those who dared to speak their mind against them. Then, Toynbee Hall’s Karen and Sam led tours around the towers, exploring the horrors of the torture chambers, discovering the mystery of the missing princes and admiring the priceless crown jewels.

Our young people also listened to the Myth of the Ravens... whilst standing only inches away from one! The myth states that if any of the ravens leave the Tower of London, then the whole building will fall to pieces, and the monarchy will collapse. Fortunately for the Queen, their wings have been clipped!

Aspire then moved on to the Beauchamp Tower, where our young people unleashed their creativity and produced some expressive artwork. Many prisoners inscribed their final words or wishes on the walls of this tower – the young people had a go at expressing their own lasting legacy.

A lasting legacy

True to the theme of Expression, Degmo from Central Foundation Girls School had a go standing at the pulpit.

Degmo at the pulpit

This term’s theme, Express, helps young people develop their speaking and performance skills through group work. Activities and trips are an excellent way for Aspire students gain more confidence in developing and voicing their opinions in a relaxed, fun environment. This way, they can use the skills they have gained through Aspire to succeed at school and to communicate more effectively with their peers and adults.

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