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A techy gift before Christmas

Published: 13 Dec 2013


On Wednesday 11th December, service users at the Wellbeing Centre were in for a special treat: Tesco and Base Build Services donated an iPad4 to be used by Toynbee Hall to help familiarise service users with new technology, particularly the over 50. Everyone at the Wellbeing Centre was very excited and grateful to receive this gift, and many service users are already planning to use it to access videos, view and take pictures and research useful information on the internet.

It is really wonderful to have received this iPad. At the Wellbeing Centre, it will really help to get people to go online and realise that technology can offer them new opportunities to connect and learn as tablets are much easier to use than computers. Thank you.

Shiria, our Wellbeing Centre Coordinator

On behalf of Base Build Services and Tesco I am very pleased to have been able to help Toynbee Hall. It was heart-warming to see the work carried out in this loving, caring community, which is so full of special individuals. Hopefully this donation will help people understand and see the benefits it can bring into their lives.

Colm, from Basebuild Services

Colm from Base Build Services donating the ipad4We would like to thank Tesco and Base Build Services for this wonderful gift, which we are sure will provide many opportunities for learning and fun for service users at Toynbee Hall.

Becoming a Digital pioneer is one of Toynbee Hall’s key objectives. We want to maximise the potential of a digital society to improve our services, empower our community and tackle poverty and isolation.