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Aspire celebrates the end of term

Published: 15 Jan 2014


Aspire, Toynbee Hall’s flagship youth programme, got together to celebrate the end of the first term Connect. The Aspire participants we work with through Tower Hamlets schools gathered at Oakland School in Bethnal Green to take part in drama games and to design personalised t-shirts.

East End Shed, an inclusive theatre company for children and young people in Tower Hamlets, joined us to help with the drama exercises. After a warm up, our young people created a series of mini-performances around the theme of Connection. This was a great way for young people to gain confidence; feel inspired and empowered in a safe and respectful environment which is what Aspire is all about.

After some deserved fish and chips, everyone was ready for the next activity. Julie, a local artist, encouraged our young people to get creative. At the end of the session, everyone had a lovely personalised t-shirt to take home and something to remember the first term by.

 The celebrations ended with more fun and games, and everyone had a chance to say goodbye to each other before the holidays.

We hope that the next term Express! will be as exciting as the last. What is certain is that there are going to be a lot of fun activities and we look forward to updating you along the way.

We would like to thank the East End Shed theatre company, Julie and everyone who took part in the games and activities for helping us celebrate the end of the first Aspire term and be tremendous role models for the young people we work with.