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Aspire gets circus trained!

Published: 18 Feb 2014


Throughout the week commencing February 10th, Aspire had a first-hand experience of what it’s like to perform in the Circus.  This trip happens in Express, the second part of the year long programme and focuses on communicating ideas.  During the term, young people are encouraged to develop their speaking and performance skills through group work and the Circus trip is an integral part of the programme.  This year we continued working with CircusSpace, one of Europe’s leading providers of circus education, to offer this opportunity for young people to try new and exciting activities outside of school as well as develop their performance skills.

Aspire- tight rope

Amira Mohamed-Raouf – Youth Services Manager says:

 “It’s always one of the favourite activities of the year for young people we work with.  It really brings the excitement of performing with an understanding of the arts and helps them develop team building skills as well as confidence.  Circus skills challenge everybody but they inherently require people to work together as a cohesive team.  It’s great to see young people work together in a positive way and encourage each other to rise up to new challenges.”


60 Aspire students from 6 different local schools were very excited about this challenge and took the risk of walking on stilts, treading the tight-rope and juggling!  The day was uniquely designed to encourage Aspire students to work confidently outside of their comfort zone.

Tower Hamlets has the highest rate of child-poverty in the UK, with 42% living below the breadline – more than 4 in 10.  Aspire engages with vulnerable young people within Tower Hamlets who are referred to us by their schools to help young people build up their confidence, provide them with the skills to build positive relationships with peers and adults, and provide them with new experiences that they would otherwise not have access to. 

There will be a Circus Showcase at Oxford House on March 29th for friends and family to mark the end of this term so keep an eye out for it!

Aspire- Stilts