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Living on Jamie's Farm

Published: 24 Mar 2014


From 17th-20th February, 8 young people who take part in Inspire, went to Jamie’s farm to engage in a full schedule of training to learn new skills in leadership, communication and mentoring. 


Inspire is our 14+ program which actively develops participants over a year to be peer mentors as well as supporting them to become involved in the wider community.  Following the two-day training, they were able to put the theory into practice – Indeed 20 young people from year 9 whom Toynbee Hall works with via our Aspire programme, also visited the farm and were mentored by the Inspire group. 

During the trip, Inspire got a real sense of responsibility by supporting Aspire in activities such as cooking, gardening and farming.  The trip was a chance for participants to interact and build new relationships with each other during the visit.  The farm recorded that 70% of children showed improved or greatly improved ability to build relationships after the stay - (source:

Jamie's Farm 


Jamie’s Farm as featured on BBC three’s Tough Young Teachers, helps young people to engage and reflect on their experiences as well as learn new skills. – Peer mentoring and leadership training for Inspire took place during the first few days.  This included: advice on the key communication tools needed to help guide others, discussions and reflections, planning a presentation to introduce Aspire to the farm and planning the tour of the farm. 


One of our Inspire young people said:

 It’s really great to be able to help other people, like us, who may be scared of the farm at first, it’s such a different place than London...I felt like a teacher for the day! But obviously I was nicer.  They kind of looked up to me, it felt good.

In 2012-2013, 49% of Aspire participants were referred to us for low confidence or low self esteem.  Our aim is to combat this through activities building confidence, communication and participation in the community.