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Commemorating the First World War

Published: 4 Aug 2014


For all of this week the 13 names of the fallen Toynbee Hall Residential Volunteers from the First World War will be displayed in our reception. They are:

T.S. Lukis, M.D.
N.C. Maclehose
G.A. Ramsey
W.M. Langdon
F.G. Shirreff
W.K. Sanderson
R.C. Woodhead
W.R.H. Merriman
W.H.S. Garnett
J. Hermann
C.J.D Waddilove
N.G. Chamberlain
A.H. Hogarth, M.D.

The first name on the list, T.S. Lukis, was the Scout Master of the Toynbee Hall Scout Troop. The Troop was in its 6th year at start of the First World War and during the first month Lukis mobilised all the younger Scouts to volunteer as coastguards at Walton on the Naze, Hythe and Clacton.

Then on 1st September T.S. Lukis called a meeting of all the older East London Scouts and he, along with about 80 of them, went straight to the recruiting offices to sign-up. Most of them were in the 13th  London and Kensington Regiment. According to various sources in the Toynbee Hall archive, T.S. Lukis was injured on the battlefield and brought back off the frontline by a number of the boys from the Toynbee Hall Scouting Troop.