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Toynbee Hall’s Money Apprentice event is a success!

Published: 11 Aug 2014


Young people from community organisations across London gathered at Toynbee Hall to take part in a two-day workshop designed to help them take control of their finances and ultimately be motivated to achieve their life goals and aspirations.

Based on popular TV show, The Apprentice, the select group of eight young people aged between 14 and 18 enjoyed the range of fun and interactive tasks, from a role-play drama introducing different ways of budgeting, to a blind taste test showing how off-brand goods can often be just as tasty as their more expensive counterparts.

The final workshop finished with a poster challenge, with the aim to design a poster to help their peers become better managers of their money.  They then presented their efforts to expert judges Zoe Dixon (Barclays Bank), Marie Kemplay (Toynbee Hall Trustee) and Wendy Alcock (Money Saving Expert). As the workshop came to a close, Daiyan Hussain (14), Chelsea Macaraeg (17) and Rhian Asuncion (18) were crowned the ultimate ‘Money Apprentice Team’ winners.

Good financial education is desperately needed in the current economic climate, especially in Tower Hamlets where over 25% of children have grown up in severe poverty. That’s why it’s so important that we educate our young people about financial education so they can gain the necessary skills, knowledge, confidence and attitudes needed to be successful in managing their money, today and in their futures in a fun and engaging environment."
Financial Inclusion Project Worker from Toynbee Hall, Warda Abdi