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Initial Assessment Volunteer

Accepting applications from: 05.03.18

Role type:

Hours: Flexible

We are looking for law students to initially assess our clients advice needs. Toynbee Hall provides a range of services. One of our aims is to give free, independent and quality assured advice to members of the local community who are most in need of it. To achieve this Toynbee Hall’s Advice Centre is dependent on the generous contributions of volunteers.

In this role you will be helping to make a tangible difference to people who are often in a desperate situation.  Lack of access to affordable advice and services is an ever growing problem for people in our local communities.  The need for this service is long established and is on the increase due to wider societal problems relating to poverty and injustice.

Legal Assessment Volunteers will be responsible for assessing need and capability of users accessing Toynbee Hall Services to decide the best course of action. Volunteers will be required to perform a short interview, collecting vital information whilst finding out the clients issue/s.  The assessor will then discuss the issue with the session supervisor to determine the advice provided.  Outcomes will include internal referrals and appointments with specialist advisers, external referrals and signposting to alternative providers as well as basic advice and assisted self help.  As part of Toynbee Hall’s desire to offer a more holistic service volunteers will look to identify and address causes rather than simply managing crises.

Further details can be found in the role desciption below, including how to express your interest.

To apply for this volunteering opportunity, please complete our online application form.