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Our promise to you

Respecting you and your family

If you are considering leaving a gift to Toynbee Hall in your will, thank you. We want to ensure that you feel comfortable about your contribution and commitment to our work.

We promise to...

  • Respect your privacy.
  • Recognise that your family and loved ones come first.
  • Not impose ourselves. If you choose to tell us about your decision, we’d love to hear about it, but, equally, if you don’t want to tell us you don’t have to.
  • Give you a choice in how your money will be spent tackling poverty.
  • Maximise the impact of your gift by using it where and when it is really needed.
  • Respect change. If you change your mind about a gift in your will, we will absolutely respect your wishes.

To find out more, please contact Rob Crich: / 020 7392 2949