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Preparing your will

Finding the right solicitor to help you

We recommend consulting a solicitor to ensure that all the legal formalities are correctly followed and your will is valid.

Choosing a solicitor

Choosing a solicitor

If you don’t already have a solicitor, there are many organisations that can help you find the best one for you.

The Law Society can help you find a solicitor in your area. For more information please call 020 7242 1222 or visit

Please see the STEP online directory to check if your solicitor adheres to the STEP Will Writing Code, or alternatively you can call 020 3752 3700 for more information.

How much will it cost?

The costs depend on your needs. The more complex the will, the larger the costs, but the solicitor should make all costs and charges clear from the beginning.

What do I need to prepare before seeing a solicitor?

  • Make a list of the current value of your assets (things you own) and liabilities (things you owe). Your solicitor will then be able to calculate the value of your estate and whether or not you are liable to inheritance tax. 
  • Decide who you want to include – people, organisations and charities.
  • Decide what types of gifts you would like to include. These can be anything from specific items, cash amounts or a percentage of your estate.
  • Take essential information such as names and addresses with you.
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Inheritance Tax

The government has a tax threshold after which all inheritance is taxed. Most gifts to charity are exempt from inheritance tax.  Your solicitor will be able to give you more information on this.

Adding to an existing will?

If you would like to add a gift to an existing will, you can use a codicil. This means that the terms of your will remain the same and that you are simply adding something new to it. We recommend you get this checked by a solicitor to ensure it is added correctly.