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Schools Heritage

Schools heritage programme

Our schools programme will deliver a range of workshops, summer schools and skills activities around three core areas: social history, social change and social action.

Schools heritage programme
Social history workshops will focus on topics covered in the curriculum including local history, industrialisation and urbanisation, and post-war social change alongside topics covered in our Heritage Exhibition.

Social change workshops will focus on curriculum subjects linked to the seven themes in our Heritage Exhibition. We will look at the way the local area has changed in recent decades and will explore the site through a digital platform, ‘Exploring Toynbee Hall’.

Social action workshops will look at citizenship, campaigning and community, drawing on Toynbee Hall’s history of hosting iconic campaigners and current issues to inform debate. We will examine examine archive materials of historic campaigns and invite public policy experts to talk about their relevance today.

Social reform summer schools in partnership with London Metropolitan Archives will cater for 20 students and cover the heritage of social reform in East London, the Settlement Movement and Toynbee Hall.

Archive skills workshops will introduce A-level history students to the principles of archival research for historians and curation of materials for exhibition, aiming to stimulate interest among students considering heritage-related higher education.  

Funding requirement: £34,253
2016/17: £8,278  2017/18: £19,587  2018/19: £6,388

An excellent way to invest in our heritage activities is to join our Benefactor Scheme. To find our more or to make a donation, please contact the Development Team on / 020 7392 2949 or donate online.