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Social Inclusion

Our research on social inclusion examines people’s access to rights, opportunities and resources through housing, employment, healthcare, education, civic engagement and democratic participation.

Recent Projects

Sleepless nights: Accessing justice without legal aid

In response to the need for a client-based perspective, Toynbee Hall and Middlesex University conducted primary research to examine the impact of legal aid cuts on people’s lived experiences. Based on data from in-depth interviews, survey and two sets of service evaluation, this research suggests that seeking justice without legal aid is a precursor to sleepless nights - feeling stressed, powerless and unable to get on with life.

November 2015

Sleepless nights

Trusting the Dice: Immigration advice in Tower Hamlets

Research conducted by Toynbee Hall into the provision of immigration advice in Tower Hamlets has uncovered systemic failures with both regulated and unregulated advisors providing misleading and expensive advice to vulnerable clients. The year-long research project included mystery-shopping visits to 44 fee-charging providers of immigration advice in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and gives a unique insight into the services provided and the quality of provision.

November 2015

Trusting the Dice

Is London a fair city?

The London Fairness Commission, an independent Commission established by Toynbee Hall and My Fair London, has published an interim report, detailing the work of the Commission to date, the findings of their research and a series of fairness dilemmas to be considered.

June 2015

Is London a fair city

Are young people heard? Our thoughts about young people and politics

A Toynbee Hall report led by 12 young women from Tower Hamlets and Hackney and mentored by researcher from The University of Oxford, looking specifically on how young people from deprived areas, marginalised young women and minorities are excluded from politics.

November 2014

Are young people heard?

Not wanted here

Toynbee Hall carried out a 'Mystery Shopping Exercise' in which researchers contacted letting agents whilst acting as prospective tenants. The aim was to find how many letting agents in Tower Hamlets were willing to consider letting properties to tenants who claimed housing benefit. This allowed researchers to highlight the obstacles people on benefits face in accessing privately rented accommodation, as well as determine whether or not landlords and letting agents were discriminating against tenants who required support from welfare benefits to pay their rent.

April 2014

Not wanted here

Case Study: Not Wanted Here

Read Jessica's experience of not being able to find a property due to receiving housing benefits.

April 2014

My eldest son’s camping bed is set-up at the foot of my bed, and then my youngest sleeps with me. Once he is bigger though, there won’t be any room for a bed for him.”


Volunteering as a path to employability

A report for Toynbee Hall that looked at the need for Toynbee Hall to develop a project that could support the volunteering of the unemployed whilst building their skills in order to increase their chances of getting paid employment.

December 2010

Volunteering as a path to employability

Waiting for change: Restaurant workers and the informal economy in Brick Lane

Working in partnership with Community Links, Toynbee Hall undertook a primary research revealing a picture in which staff in London’s Brick Lane restaurants are trapped in poverty.

February 2009

Waiting for change

The blank space project

Working with the Vinvolved Project and Active Citizenship, Toynbee Hall conducted workshops with Year 6 pupils, encouraging them to develop their own ideas of what facilities and resources in the local area should be made more available and accessible.

January 2009

The blank space project

Deesha literacy project: Literacy and the best practice in holistic needs assessment

This Toynbee Hall report looks at the changing definitions of literacy, which now encompass a much broader range of communications. The research explores methods and best practice of consultation and holistic needs assessment within a literacy development setting. As a case study, the report examines Toynbee Hall's Deesha Literacy Project, which educates ethnic minority women.

January 2008

 Deesha Literacy Project


Archive publications

Publications and programmes of the National Institute of Economic Research

Published in 1944, this report details the studies that the institute managed to publish as well as those being prepared for the future. Studies worked on by the Institute at this time included a critical evaluation of the relatively new National Health Insurance Scheme; an analysis of Soviet Russia's economy over a 25 year period; and an enquiry into the system of valuation for rating.


Publications and programmes of the National Institute of Economic Research

Annual report of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research

This report, published in 1942, details all the research and programmes carried out during the year. Studies worked on by the Institute at this time included an account of Standardised Accountancy in Germany; a federal finance inquiry; and a study on the impact of World War II on the industrial sector in Coventry.


Annual report of National Institute of Economic and Social Research